Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards help prevent debris from settling in your gutters.  There are many names and types of gutter protection such as Gutter Guard, Gutter Helmet, Gutter Screen, Leaf Screen, and Leaf Guard. Cleaning gutters is an ongoing process. Why get on a ladder to clean gutters if you don't have to?  Let our Smart Flow/Raytec Leaf Guards that carry our no-clog lifetime guarantee block the debris and protect your gutter.

Choosing the Right Gutter Protection For Your Home or Business

The REAL Reason Your Home or Business Needs Gutters Covers.

There are many factors to consider when choosing gutter guards. Your roof and the trees surrounding your home, along with weather patterns, will determine which gutter guard works best for your home.

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Why SMART-FLOW From B&C Seamless?

Simply The Best

We will install any product that our customer requests.  However, we will only guarantee a product that we have, personally tested ourselves, even if it costs us more.  Leaf and debris protection protects your investment (your home). Many Gutter guards are patented and sold by one company or another. However, there is only one type of product we will indorse - That's the Smart-Flow/Raytec Leaf Guard. We guarantee that our Smart Flow/Raytec Leaf Guard installed by our team will never clog during its lifetime. We are so confident in this that if our undamaged, Smart Flow/Raytec Leaf Guard installed by our or own installers ever allows your gutter to clog, we will clean out your gutter system for free! But that’s not the best part, Smart Flow/Raytec Leaf Guard is one of the least expensive gutter protection products on the market. So, not only do you get an excellent product, you no longer need to clean out your gutter several times a year. Put up your ladder and take a rest.


Why would we push a product when we could make much more on another, more expensive product? Our reputation in VERY important to us. We want our customers happy. In the past 25 years, we have pulled down old gutter with every kind of gutter protection imaginable. In that 25 years, we have NEVER seen a gutter with undamaged Smart Flow/Raytec Leaf Guard clog. Here’s how it works:

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Without wind or rain, leaves will collect on top of the leaf guard. At the first rain or wind, most of the leaves will simply blow off.  Nothing stops gravity, but whatever doesn’t blow off can easily be swept off should you desire.  However, it is not necessary to the “health” of your gutter system and fascia to do so. No matter what you call it, leaf screen, gutter protection, leaf guard, or even “that leaf thingy”. We will know what you want and give you the best product on the market with the best guarantee.


We Offer A Wide Selection Of Leaf Protection To Protect Your Rain Gutters From Clogging.

Below are some of the most common types of Leaf Protection.  Learn more about all of our gutter protection products by reaching out to us for a free, informative estimate.

B-C-Seamless-High Quality Perforated Gutter Guards


A number of factors, including tree coverage and roof pitch, can determine which gutter guard works best for your home.

Low Maintenance Protection

This type of leaf guard is, by far, the best product on the market.  We have personally tested this type of leaf guard and found it to never fail.  Perforated Gutter Guards are made of aluminum for consistent strength and pest resistance. The hole design and placement keep leaves, pine needles and small debris out, allowing rain water to flow through your gutter. Ridges on the Eave N Flow and Smart Flow/Raytec promote air flow to blow dry debris off with a slight breeze and to keep the thinner debris from creating a paper-like barrier. They are each available for 5”, 6”, & 7” K-style gutters.  (Comes with B&C Seamless Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee.)


Protect Your Gutters

Long Lasting

Made of mill finish aluminum with standard hole size and reinforced edge, Drop-In and Fast Screen provide basic gutter protection. These screens allow water through your gutters while keeping leaves and large debris out.
Both are available for 5” and 6” K-style gutters.

Drop-In Gutter Guard
Designed to slide under the first row of shingles, with screws added to the front lip for a secure install.

Fast Screen Gutter Guard
There is no need for screws or disturbing shingles. Compress the screen between the top of hangers and the front lip of the gutter to lock into place.

B-C-Seamless-High Quality Galvanized Powdercoated Gutter Guards


Galvanized Steel Strength

These gutter guards are galvanized steel screens with a small hole design and powder coated with black paint to eliminate sunlight reflection. The powder coat is corrosion resistant. Notches at the end of every 4-foot section allows for an easy overlap, while providing support when there is no internal gutter hanger present.

While we will install these products, should they be requested, we advise against them because we have personally tested them on our homes and found them lacking in effectiveness.

Easy Installation For Us, So Less Costly For you


Smart Flow/Raytec
Sits on gutter, with screws added to front lip for a secure install. Works with any roof pitch. Low profile is not visible from the ground.

Eave N Flow
Sits on gutter, with screws added to front lip for a secure install. Screw back edge to the fascia for added strength against snow and ice build up. Works with any roof pitch. Low profile is not visible from the ground.

Leaf Relief
Specially designed to work as both a gutter guard and a gutter hanger. Mounts directly to gutter. No need to lift the shingles. Substantial strength holds extra weight of snow and ice.

Leaf Relief Retro Fit
For gutters already installed or for use with internal hangers. Leaf Relief Retro Fit lays flat on top of the gutter with screws added to the front lip for a secure install. Durable vinyl flap assures a perfect self sealing fit.

What You May Not Know About Our Gutter Guards

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There are many factors to consider when choosing the right gutter guards. So, how do you choose the right one for your home?

Look At Your Roof

Composition shingles are the most common type of roofing material. Your roofing material along with the design and pitch of your roof will affect how your gutter guards will perform.


Pay Attention To The Trees Around Your Home

What kind of debris are you trying to keep out? There are over a thousand varieties of trees native in North America each with different sizes and types of leaves. (We have found Smart Flow/Raytec to be most effective on ALL types of debris.)


Know The Weather Patterns In Your Area

Intensity and frequency of rain or snow should be consider when choosing the right gutter guards for your home.



Our manufacturer has only state-of-the-art equipment. Their relentless attention to quality control ensures that we always get excellent shape and seams to fit your new or existing gutters.

Careless handling of lesser quality gutter guards can have an end result of them bending or easily becoming out of shape. Our superior handling and high quality care standards ensures your product arrives in pristine condition so that they custom fit your gutters flawlessly.